Saturday, August 2, 2008

The ride is over----

I have waited to post this last blog---- it is bittersweet for me. I had to take a poll to help confirm that I should indeed end this blog and merge it with my Smilesandtrials blog. While I have loved journaling all about our adoption journey to Ukraine, Dennis is now home, is a huge part of our family and therefore should be on our family blog. I will update you with this final post to share the huge strides Dennis has made since he has been home.

Thank you to all of you who have let the most encouraging and thoughtful comments. I appreciate them so much. Thank you to all that have contributed to our family in some way. What a huge blessing you have been to our family. I can't even begin to express how uplifting you have all been. God Bless you.

Just tonight John took this picture of Anna, Dennis, and I. I love it! He laid in my arms for an hour after this picture till he finally fell asleep. Did I mention that he is a sweaty little boy when he sleeps? :)

A couple of days ago, Dennis got this soft, homemade blanket and talking doggy. Thanks Jody for sending such a wonderful gift!

If Dennis could talk this is what he would be saying---"Oh no! My Mama caught me playing with her vacuum cleaner. Better pretend that I was playing with this piano instead."

Dennis is gaining weight! Since he was weighed during his medical exam in Ukraine he has gained four pounds---- in only 16 days!

Here is Dennis getting ready for his bath on 7/19/08.

Look at him on 8/1/08! He has filled out so much--- very little of his ribs show---- there is actual chunkiness forming around his thighs! He feels so much nicer in my arms--- not as fragile and not as bony!

I am just thrilled that he has taken off like he has since he came home.

Here are five huge noticeable changes that have taken place with our son Dennis.

1. He walks without help whereas when we first met him he had an awkward crawl and couldn't walk without our help.
2. He coos, laughs, and jabbers up a storm. During the first week we heard very little sound from Dennis.
3. He is an eating machine now that he is home! The first time I tried to feed him a banana, he gagged and spit it out, and I was concerned that he might have eating issues.
4. Dennis is into everything if we let him ------ the cupboards, the movies, the puzzles, even the toilet! Awwwe!! That caught me off guard! Now all of us are closing the toilet seat and bathroom door for added precaution.
5. Dennis is not shy around his siblings after all! In fact, Dennis loves all of them so much as they do him--- it is so obvious to everyone!

I have to admit that the first morning home, Dennis fell off the bed because I dozed off with him supposedly sleeping next to me. I felt like such a horrible mother for him falling off that I decided to show him how to get off by turning himself around and scooting off the side slowly until his feet hit the ground. Kid you not, I only had to show this kid once and now he is always scooting himself off the bed, that little turkey! I'm now rethinking what I have taught him. :)

He has his first consult with the pediatric plastic surgeon up at Valley Children's Hospital this Tuesday, August 5th. I have also talked with UCLA and Shriner's but feel at this time that going with this particular doctor is the best choice for Dennis and our family. Not only does this doctor come highly recommended but the hospital is fairly close by which means minimal travel and this doctor has already written two letters on our behalf to include as part of our dossier when we did all of our adoption paperwork.

Now please come join us over at our family blog where I will continue to share all about Dennis and how he is doing. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask whenever.