Saturday, January 19, 2008

List of Russian Names (in no particular order)

1. Pavel (Pasha)
2. Naum (Nome-chick)
3. Anton (Antonska)
4. Nikolai (Kolya and Nikolinchka)
5. Konstantin (Kostya)
6. Danil
7. Misha
8. Alexy (Alyosha)
9. Igor
10. Evgenii
11. Bogdan
12. Dima
13. Vitaly
14. Vladimir
15. Sasha
16. Artom
17. Ivan
18 Oleg
19. ???
20. ???

Thanks everyone for contributing. I would be okay with almost any of these names.

Why can't I think of just 2 more Russian boy names to make it an even 20 list? Probably because I am still a little delirious from the pain of my sprained ankle. First thought when I fell and twisted it was, "Oh my gosh! I'm going to Ukraine with a cast on!" Thankfully, I don't think I broke it.

BTW, still no I-600 approval yet. I wonder if expecting it by the end of January is too optimistic? Anybody traveling in Spring?


Connie said...

How about a whole list? Here's a nice link:

and here's one with the meanings:

I've always liked Dimitri, Grigori, and any form of Alexander - altho, as a Constance, I am also partial to Konstantin ;-D

Sorry to hear that you hurt your ankle. Take care of yourself (or let everybody spoil you!) and be better soon!

kate said...

19. Viktor
20. Grigory (Grisha)

Let me know if you want to go past 20!

I love Nikolai (big fan of Kolya and Colin...), Alexander and Mikhail. Sasha and Misha are such cute "sweet names".

Annie said...

I have a Sergei, a Maxim and an Ilya!

Anonymous said...

How about Yuri(or Yura) and Vanya


Sandi said...

I love the name Nicolai. That was my grandson's name before my daughter adopted him and it's still his middle name. Such strength and romance. And could you find a cuter nickname than Kolya?!?

yorkiemom said...

How about Andrei (yep, I biased) :)

Anonymous said...

21. Stanislav (Stas or Stasik)
22. Roman (Roma)
23. Anatoli (Tolya or Tolek)
24. Ruslan
25. Vadim

Anonymous said...

We have a Maxim

DoveFamily said...

Our boy was Stanislav (Stas/Stasik) but we "Americanized" him!

Casdok said...

I cant add any to all the lovely suggestions you already have!

MyGirlElena said...

How about Alexei (or is Sasha short for that)?

tommie said...

Can't help you on the names. Of the suggestions I really like Nikolai.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

MamaPoRuski said...

We met a couple of Denis (Denees) and Maxim's, Vanya's and Andrei's as well at the orphanage...But that would put you over the 20 list...

Irina said...

Hello! I have found yours blogge, this theme is interesting to me :). I live in Ukraine and I shall be glad to help, if the opportunity will be presented :). About names: my son has name Dmitry, Dima, this beautiful name of the Greek origin, is used in the slavic countries. It is pleasant to you? I shall arrive to live to America and I shall add to it the second name Alexander:)

Annie said...

Where in America? I think you will be welcomed warmly!

I love the name Dima. Long, long ago I saw a Russian movie of that name and remember it as one of the most moving films I've ever seen. I do not know if I'd like it now, but it was about a fatherless little boy.

misha said...

misha? hmm... I wonder why that name seems so familiar...

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

19. Sergei
20. Dimitri

Sorry about your ankle!

DoveFamily said...

I was also trying to think of our son's male friends in his groupa...

Koslov, Bogdan, Volva, Dima

And I can't leave out our wonderful drivers, Leonid, Misha & Volva

Jane said...

Ben's name was Roman

Anonymous said...

Bogdan....God's gift!