Friday, January 11, 2008


Today we got fingerprinted. I sure hope our I-600A approval letter comes soon.

Meanwhile, I am going to finish up three more documents that we need for our dossier. Thankfully, I can apostille the remaining documents locally.

One of the forms that I need to do is the "application to adopt." I am still stumped on how to word this particular sentence. For families that have filled out this form, I would love to hear how you finished this sentence.

We would like to adopt ___________.

Remember, this sentence is where you describe the type of child(ren) that you would like to adopt.


Anonymous said...
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Kathy said...

I think you would fill in something like "one child under the age of 8." I actually knew who I was adopting when I filled out the I600a but I still was very general and put "two children under the age of 5."

Miche and Scott said...

Hi Christine, this is Miche from the FRUA site. We answered the question with "a sibling group (2 children) from ages 2 - 6 years old. We are open to boys, girls or one of each." We're actually now in the process of amending our home study and application to increase the age range from 6 yo to 10 yo, just to give us a bit more flexibility. We don't have any children though. I am the oldest of 9 kids (same parents, none adopted) and commend you on what you're doing.

Nancy said...

Yay for fingerprinting! I remember for us, we were so relieved to have finally gotten our fingerprint notice (there was a snafu at our USCIC office and they lost our documents). I hope your I171H arrives soon! :)

kate said...

on a similar form for russia (i know it's different but couldn'thelp chiming in) in addition to age and gender we have to specify health concerns. I think the phrase was, "with minor correctable health conditions". Can your agency help you out with this?

I just discovered you have more than one blog! HOW do you keep up? ;>

Mel said...

Hi Christine, This is mellymel from FRUA. We are hoping to submit our dossier to Ukraine sometime in the next month or so also. I had the same question about the Petition to Adopt and finally worded it this way- "We wish to adopt one female child up to seven years of age. We are open to a child who may show evidence of mild environmental developmental delays or a minor correctable medical issue, but would otherwise show the potential for normal growth and development." (This is pretty much exactly the wording on our home study also). It would be great if we end up in Ukraine together, feel free to email if needed.

Nataliya said...

Great progress! I'm sure your I-171H form will come soon!

Jenni said...

When we filled this part out (we adopted from Russia), we said something to the effect of: "a boy and a girl between the ages of 1 and 3. We are open to children with minor correctable health conditions." I was scared to put in that last bit, until I found out that most Eastern European countries think that if a child is in an orphanage, he must have a health condition of some sort.

I would recommend checking with your agency too, just to see what type of wording they suggest.

DoveFamily said...

Congrats - progress is a wonderful thing! Praying for you guys.


Anonymous said...
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adoptedthree said...

We did ours for O (we were requesting special needs and it had to be a GIRL!!)

We desire to adopt one or two (2) females, between one to 3 years old with physical disability/impairment or physical special needs, of any race.

The boys said something like

We desire to adopt one or two children, preferrably at least one boy, under the age of 36 months with minor correctable conditions.

Oh and feel free to link me too!

Chris and Virginia said...

Wow, how time flies. Just now getting around to going though the blogs again since new hear.

We were advised to make this a broad statement. We originally requested a sibling group of 2 or a single girl, two girls or one girl and one boy between the ages of 2 and twelve. We ammended the 12 to 14 to see if we could slip in after the closure. No go there.

We're realistically expecting a sibling group with the youngest around 6ish and the older a few years older.