Monday, October 29, 2007

Did I say that.....

I wouldn't get stressed out over the little snafoos that are bound to happen in the adoption process?

Well, I lied. I just can't help it. But, boy, after last night, I really know when I am feeling stressed. Let me tell you, it's a feeling that I can't stand having. Thankfully, I am over it now. In the past, I wouldn't lose the stress until whatever I was stressed out about was completely resolved.

Turns out that the medical forms I dropped off at my doctor's office for the kids were not filled out correctly. They just changed over from paper files to completely computerized, and it looks like some of the info in the charts didn't end up in the computers. Two of my sons were seen in the last month yet they wrote down that they haven't seen them in two years. What??? They also forgot to add all of the previous immunizations done by our old doctor's office, so they looked really behind in their shots. Plus, they wrote that they still needed the Hep A vaccine when that isn't even a required immunization. Besides, I already discussed it with them and decided not to give it to my kids because they were not at risk.

Agghhhh! But. But. I am thankful there is a but. When I called the office this morning to talk to the office manager, she was very apologetic and asked me to bring new forms to fill out tomorrow when we come in to do our TB test. She will get them filled out while I am still there so I could look things over to make sure it is done right. She is so nice and so sweet and I really appreciate her doing all of this in the first place. She doesn't really have too, and I have heard horror stories of other doctor offices not being very cooperative with the adoption paperwork.


Tami said...

It's so easy to get caught up in those mini-meltdowns. Don't worry, you are definitely NOT alone! :)
It will all work out. It always does...remember God's hands are alwaysin the details!

Annie Kitching said...

For some reason the medicals were always my worst hurdle.