Monday, October 29, 2007

Even though Ukraine doesn't require post-placements

When we adopted from Russia two years ago, we had to pre-pay for post-placement reports because Russia requires them to be done by an agency. Well, come to find out, Ukraine doesn't have those same requirements. They just want us to fill out a form and submit it to the embassy. Woo-hoo! That's less money we have to come up with now.

But, I want to readopt our son once he is here, and in California they require a recent post-placement report to be filed in addition to the readoption paperwork. So instead of paying for a readopt social worker visit after our child is home, I am going to pre-pay for one post-placement visit to be done at six months so that I can do the readopt on my own, like I did with all of our daughters. This is so much cheaper --it should save us about $200.


Tami said...

Don't you just love the difference on the post-placements? I think it was probably the most liberating part of moving to a Ukrainian adoption after the three Russian ones we completed. Although we have to do it every three years until their 18!
Good thinking on the 6-month eval! I'm not sure what the process is for Kansas for readoption. I guess I had better get checking on that! The last I heard there was an attorney in Topeka that helped adoptive famlies fill out the paperwork...for FREE! Woohoo! I hope that still holds true.

Chris and Virginia said...

We are very thankful, financially, not having to do a post placement. The only agency locally is Washoe County and they would charge us $3600 for that service.

Thanks for the info given on PAD. We are looking forward to following your journey all the way through.


Annie Kitching said...

We are so fortunate to have found our agency, where for older children the Home Study is just rolled into the cost of the adoption (only a couple of thousand) and the post placement is only $100. God bless Dana.

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