Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting Practice

I filled out my first Ukraine post-placement report for my daughter Rachel. Even though we adopted her from a disruption, she is still originally from Ukraine and so I feel obligated to do her post-placements.

I look at this way... it is practice for when our son comes home.

P.S. If you have previously adopted from Ukraine and then went to adopt from there again, did they ask if you were current on your post-placements or ask to see the reports?


Jane said...

We took copies of all our post placement reports for Ben, but we never needed to show them to anyone (we were told the court might ask for them). The embassy did talk to us about reports though and it was the only time it came up. We were well known to the NAC/SDA because we had a very difficult time with the police and a corruption scam with our first adoption that was highly publicized. They actually thanked us for considering adoption from Ukraine again. I would suggest you take copies of any post placement reports you make, just in case

Kimmie said...

Hi Christine;

We will have to do post placement every year until our Ethiopian children turn eighteen. We have never (in 5 adoptions) had to do this, but think it is a small price to pay for the adoption of a child ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

stefanie said...

Hi Christine, Thanks for this quick link. Our 2nd update is coming due and your post was very timely (and handy).

Nataliya said...

What a good idea to send her post-placement report! Was she already registered at the Ukrainian Consulate? I'm definitely going to keep up with my daughter's reports since SDA is always saying that not everyone is doing that. Though I'm not sure it's true, I bet all adoptive parents are sending the reports...

Laurel said...

We were never asked if we had done the registration of our girls or post placement when we went back to Ukaine to adopt our boys.
We did volunteer the info at the Embassy in our interview. We also told them that we cc'd the post placement report to the Embassy in Kyiv. The gentleman at the Embassy said they appreciate getting the reports and asked us to have all of our clients cc them on all post placement reports. We sent our hard copy and photos to San Francisco Embassy, and emailed a copy to both the Ukraine Embassy in D.C. and the US Embassy in Kyiv.

adoptedthree said...

The SDA or the old NAC does/did check to see if returning adoptees have sent in their reports.

We were informed of this by our Facilitator.

If we were missing any we would not have been allowed to return until they were updated. Even though my boys have been home seven and six years I still send them in every year.

Unfortunately what Natalyia wrote is not true.

There are many families that refuse or dont remember to turn in the reports for various reasons.

One family I know personally doesnt want their daughter to know she was adopted as an infant. They sort of wrote off that part of her life. They even changed her birthday.

Sandy Carlson said...

You have a very interesting blog. God bless you and your parenting with your husband. You must be quite a family.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. God bless!