Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good news or delay tactics?

Just got this email in response to my latest inquiry about our I-600.


Thank you for your inquiry. We will process your case as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.
Stephen D. Hull
Adjudication Officer
Fresno Field Office

Does this mean a couple of days or does this mean a couple of weeks? I guess only time will tell.


Ashley said...

I hope it means a couple of days! Wouldn't that be great???

Brandi said...

Time? Or a phone call made to that office every day?

My friend Robin actually drove 4 hours to her local offica and camped out till they found and approved her!


adoptedthree said...

I had that problem too! Luckily a phone call to my Senator's office got me my approval within two days...hint hint :)

crispy said...

Days...think positive. Still praying for the details.

Mike & Tara said...

Hopefully a few days!!

stefanie said...

It's the beginning of many frustrating delays:{
God's speed! Stefanie

Chelley said...

any word on your I-600