Monday, February 4, 2008

Just one more thing

We are 100% offically done with all of our paperwork except for that one little piece of paper from our wonderful government------called I-600 approval. Ugh!

I emailed our local office again nicely asking him to let me know if it would most definitely be here in the next 2 weeks as his previous email had said. I also politely let him know that this was the last piece of paperwork holding up our dossier submission.

That was last week. sigh. I wonder if he'll get back to me. {twiddling my thumbs}


Nataliya said...

I'm hoping the local office will get back to you VERY soon! I know how frustrating it is to have everything done except for just one thing.

You asked why we are speaking Russian at home: it's our native language, and it's much easier for us to speak Russian than English :)

crispy said...

Hang in there...God knows the details. I will pray for the details and the timing.


thirtysomething said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog, always great to meet someone new. And you are awesome--with 10 kids! I complain about raising my 4, so I will definitley be back for inspiration! And your newest adoption, wishing you all Godspeed and safety during your trip.

Shelley said...

How frustrating! I'm not so good at the "hurry up and wait" thing either, so I feel your pain!

Chelley said...

I hope that at the VERY least they will let you know what is happpening!!!

Great Job for getting all your paper work done!!!!

Chris and Virginia said...

Hi Christine,

I really hope it get done ASAP. Ukraine is now accepting dossiers again (limited at this time). If you don't get resolution by mid week, I'd go ahead and contact your congressman to get things started. It takes them a few days to move forward.

We're redoing some documents because our paperchase went on way too long (USCIS was one of them). It seems that you've been very patient with them and it's now time to give them a little prodding to move them forward.

Good Luck.

Kathy said...

Praying it arrives in the mail this very day. I have to renew my I600a and fingerprints soon and we are nowhere near getting our children home.

Mike & Tara said...

It always feels like the process is "hurry up and wait"... We're praying your wait times are not very long!!

CA Momma said...

Sorry its taking so long. I remember I used to want to shake the mailbox when it didn't have that coveted paper from INS.