Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a full day !

It started with a breakfast followed by the typical mouth-cleaning chew toy (ok water bottle) that he was just chillin' with in his new shorts.

But Inna didn't want him skinning his knees crawling around her apartment so he got to sport his new pant socks too!

But we could only explore the apartment so long before getting stir crazy so he and I decided to take a short walk to Kiev's awesome botanical gardens. Inna is really blessed with her apartment's location. Here's the main entrance.

I walked through the gates with Dennis in my "kangaroo" pouch and headed left, where we walked through beautiful rock gardens (with cool views) over to this cool bell tower.

The bells were being restored and these grounds are actually a working Monastery.

We went inside and enjoyed the reverent peace.

This is just one example of hundreds of paintings on the walls and ceilings. I was reminded of the monastery Christine and I had seen in Moscow in 2005.

Afterwards, we headed out in the opposite direction and saw many nice flower garden arrangements like this one.

The clear object in the far distance is a building you'll see later.

I saw it later too because I got tired. And since he'd fallen asleep anyway, I decided to see if I could nap on one of the "secret" garden benches protected by hedges.

Yep, was able to lie down (and reach into my tight jeans pocket) and not wake him up!

After a nap, we walked far to that building which had rooms heated to different temperatures.
A tropical room, a cactus desert room, and a building called the orchideum. He got pollen all over himself from this one.

But Christine knows why this velvet palm was MY favorite!!!
So big (and not black like mine got after a freeze) !

I then walked back to the apartment, fed him again, and then let him chill to some music. He liked the headphones!

He's asleep now (as I should be). And we head home first thing in the morning.

Thanks for all your past comments. This shall be my last blog for a long time! But it was fun.


Salzwedel Family said...

The pictures of Dennis are great! I love how relaxed & happy he looks.

Rachel said...

Great pictures! He does look so relaxed with you, it's awesome! I love the picture of him laying on the couch with his legs crossed...very cute!

TylerandBrianne said...

What an awesome man!!! Make that 2 wondeful men!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I am sure you are busy and have other things to do but take the time to share with us. God bless!!!

Mandy said...

Ok this one is for Christine :)
What type of sling is that? I love that it supports his head!
The pictures are just too cute!

crispy said...

I have enjoyed following your journey. And I have been praying for you all along the way.

Mike and Christie said...

Love the socks. :)

Have a wonderful trip, which is starting right about now???

Laurel said...

Okay, John...that picture you took of yourself and Dennis laying on the bench should win a prize! Amazing shot for taking it yourself. I'm impressed. I pray for safe travels home. Thanks for the call.

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures! Dennis looks so tiny and sweet! Hope you have a great trip back!

Payne's said...

Great job - we loved your blogging!
Can't wait to see the happy reunion pictures!

The Payne's

Melanie said...

Such awesome pictures! I especially love the one of Dennis reaching out to touch the flower - I don't know why, but it made me tear up, it's just so delicately touching. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

mommajeane said...

He blogs, he talks about plants and enjoys going to a botanical garden, takes great pics.,and is a great daddy, does he cook too Christine ? John has been wonderful to watch and what a great role model for your kids especially your boys at home. It has been a joy to see this adoption thru his perspective as well as yours... Dennis's smile tells it all.... Blessings to you and we celebrate with you !

MyGirlElena said...

So sweet!

Annie said...

What a beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along. I wish I could have an hour in that church! How rich, how beautiful.

You are a wonderful blogger!