Friday, May 23, 2008

Please get the $25 for free!

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to have found an awesome way for us to raise money for our adoption. And it is so easy and free! Can you believe it? I was quite skeptical at first, but after watching this on other people's blogs and finally signing up myself, I can say that it is legit. It is called Revolution Money Exchange.

It is a lot like Paypal, probably Paypal's up and coming rival, except that it is free. That means there are no fees. Plus you get $25 just for signing up and then $10 for everyone that clicks on your link and signs up under you. I have already earned $25 towards our adoption just for signing up, and I am asking that everyone who reads this to please consider signing up too. Remember, you will get $25 just for signing up and we will get an additional $10 because you signed up under us. Plus you will be able to exchange money without any fees with anybody else who uses Revolution Money Exchange.

The process takes only a couple of minutes and then about two days to verify the account that you want the free $25 deposited into.

Again, please consider this easy way to help us raise money for Dennis' adoption. I am also going to be starting a raffle in the next day or two that you may want to participate in and this will be an easy way to buy a ticket.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, ahead of time.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
Just click here to sign up. :)

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Story of our Life said...

cool beans!!

i just signed up!!