Friday, May 23, 2008

Praise the Lord!

God is so faithful! Not only did we get submitted this week, but donations keep coming in. Just in the past two or so days, we have gotten $60.00 in donations. I don't know specifically who you are, but thank you! Every little bit counts. No amount is too little. God recognizes it all...... and it all is for His glory.

Yes, Dennis will soon become our son, but in reality we are just being entrusted by God to look after his child. What a privilege. And to know that all of you are helping to bring Dennis home is such a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you again........ and not only for your donations but for all of your prayers. Prayers to bring him home. Prayers that he is not in pain. Prayers that the doctors will have wisdom to best help Dennis so that he can have the self esteem when he looks in the mirror that all of us, including myself, take for granted.

All of you, thanks for your continued support.


Ashley said...

Praise the Lord for the donations coming in! Isn't it awesome when God stirs the hearts of His people? I am praying and praying for your family and I am so excited that you have been submitted. I can't wait for you to hold that precious baby in your arms and let him feel the love of a mama.

John and Amy said...

I was so happy to read that you have been submitted! I am anxiously awaiting to hear when you get a travel date!
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you can have little D home before his 2nd birthday!
So happy for you!

Christine said...

John and Amy, please leave me your blog address. I would love to come visit. I am unable to find the link. Thank you.

Kevin and Tammy said...

Maybe you will be in the Ukraine when we are. We can watch your blog to see when you are there. Yeah!!