Thursday, May 29, 2008

I thank you

Someone just signed up for Revolution Money Exchange. That is $10 more towards Dennis' adoption. I wish I knew who you were so that I could thank you personally. RME doesn't tell me who signed up just like Reece's Rainbow doesn't tell me who has donated. But I want you to know that every little bit has been noticed and is much appreciated.

Just so you know, if you have a blog you can put a link button on your page and now you will get $10 for everyone that signs up through you. You can use the money earned towards your own adoption or use the money to donate to your favorite charity or just keep the money and treat yourself to a movie.

Again, please know how thankful I am. Your generosity continues to confirm that God will provide...... he does provide. Whether the money is coming from our tax return, our savings, generous givers such as yourself, and or our own setting aside of money each month, the Lord is providing. The funds are being gathered for His glory, to bring one amazing little boy home.

As I try to understand how God provides, I am reminded that sometimes He uses us as His vessels that enable Him to do great things through us. I think that is what shining our lights is all about.

Matthew 25:40 (NIV)
"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"


BoufMom9 said...

I just signed up. :)

Annie said...

I signed up last weekend... I wish I could do more.

Anonymous said...

Firstly have to say that I think it is wonderful that you have adopted children in need but what I dont understand is I am hoping that you can help me is if you cant afford to adopt with out asking for donations why do it. you already have an over full house and have had the opportunity that so many other families can not have in having bio children why do you need to adopt more. I am sure that there is someone else that would adopt this little boy who can afford to raise him with out asking for donations and having to grow up in hand me downs.

I am a christian and I just dont understand your thinking

David & Monica said...

wow! I will be so bold as to leave my comment under my name and not as anonymous. Christine -- have no fear that whoever left this message has no idea that it will cost us between 30k and 40k just to finalize the adoption. And a onetime cost like this is not one that many folks have readily available. Or that this less than lovely Christian can not see the difference between living a life in an orphanage in hand-me-downs verses a life in a loving home with parents and siblings who hopefully are in hand-me-downs. Since as a Christian we should be very concerned about our environment that God entrusted to us and should be intentionally reusing clothing when at all possible. Know in your heart that the Lord is sending Dennis to you for all the right reasons. :-) Monica

Dan & Michelle said...

If Anon is a Christian, then they should "get it". God lays things upon our hearts at times, that may not make sense to others and may not even make sense to us, but ALL LOVE comes from God.

As far as someone else adopting this kid, anonymous obvsiously does not know the tragic statics for such children in Ukraine.

God bless you, Christine, for stepping out in faith and not questioning our Heavenly Father. God blesses the humble, not the prideful. Hand me down clothes is not what God is concerned about, His concern in our hearts. Let us never forget why Jesus came and what He taught us in His Word.

Narcissa said...

Can´t believe someone would leave such a cowardly anonymous comment! I (long time lurker) am so excited for you and also inspired by you!!


Anonymous said...

First, let me say that I am NOT THAT Anonymous, from before! LOL!

Some people just don't have or are able to understand the DRIVE - call it a feeling a calling or whatever, but something happens in your heart and you just KNOW you are meant to be that child's family. And once you are emotionally that child's Mom, then you'll go thru hell or high water to rescue YOUR child. Period.
And if you have friends and family and neighbors and even strangers who are truly good people, they understand that drive and help out as best they can.

That's my 2 cents.

Cheri in NH

Annie said...

Maybe "Anon." has no idea what the costs of adoption are. The cost of actually raising a child pales in comparison. Anon. does not sound like an unkind person, but just someone who has not really looked into adoption.

Furthermore, Anon. probably does not understand that for an orphan there is LUXURY in "your very own" clothing - even if it IS hand-me-downs! (And Anon. did not scroll down to Christine's first posts, where she is buying and hanging in the closet brand new clothing for the little boy she is only dreaming of...") In an orphanage everything is held in common....ONLY hand-me-downs forever - and even they are not your own.

Anon. has not read much of Christine's family blog, apparently, or Anon. would be smiling at the idea of growing up in such a happy home, with such devoted, loving parents and fun and loving siblings. Since I work with families, I can easily think of several whose children may live in large and luxurious homes, and who may have just the "proper" one sibling - but who have far less of their parents' time and attention than the Reed children have!

But, really - I think it probably boils down to the inability to IMAGINE that adopting an orphan, whom no one else wants costs tens of thousands of dollars!

And, Anon -it is SO likely as to just about be a certainty, that Dennis would never have anyone at all to call "family".... Only a small percentage of the "perfect" BABIES in the orphanages around the world are likely to ever be adopted.

Frankly, when we first thought of adopting, I had no idea - NONE - that opening our hearts and home to a child that no one wanted, would be nearly unreachable financially. My husband (we joke about it now) didn't understand why they weren't going to pay us! That actually makes more sense, though, doesn't it?

But - yes - adoption is out of reach of many, many loving families who would make wonderful parents. And, being in a FAMILY, having brothers and sisters to call your own, someone who cares about you and loves you and cherishes the very idea of you.... What an enormous gift! A gift, that if I had money, I'd devote to bringing families and orphans together. There are so many good things in the world to do - but it is hard for me to imagine anything more wonderful.

Leslie said...

With no intention to offend or judge, that is by far one of the most ignorant responses I have heard to the call to adoption. Anon simply doesn't understand. Please don't be discouraged.

And since when have we gotten too good for hand me downs??? Love you, Christine!

Anonymous said...

I am also a different 'anonymous' - just haven't ever started my own blog. I am fortunate enough to have 7 biological children - and if we had the funding, etc. once my 7 have a few more years under their belts, I would LOVE to adopt a child (or two or three) who are maybe 'less than perfect' in the eyes of the perhaps average adoptive families. I would LOVE to. And would raise them with love, in lots of hand-me-downs, with lots of love, with home cooked meals (because that's cheaper!), with lots of love ... if someone really thinks that you need MONEY to buy new clothes and material things to bring happiness into a child's life, or that a child would be better off 'waiting' in an orphanage for 'better' parents and family, .... well, I guess everyone has their own opinion.

A piece of me says 'bless you and your family for taking Dennis' into your hearts and family. Yet I know you all understand that other piece of me that says 'you are many times blessed with a large family, and about to be blessed again' as you add Dennis into the family!

Will be anxiously waiting to follow your trip!