Sunday, June 1, 2008

Enter to win a Moscow Starbucks mug!

I am doing my very first raffle in hopes to raise money towards Dennis' adoption. My wonderful blogging friend over at American Girls in Moscow has donated this awesome Starbucks mug. Isn't it wonderful? Thank you Tamara!

The contributions given for an entry ticket to the raffle will go towards Dennis' orphanage donation that is customary for all adopting parents to give . You can enter more than once and buy a ticket via Revolution Money Exchange (no fees unlike Paypal) or via mail. You can find the buy me link on the side bar. Just email if you would like our address.

Please consider buying a ticket for $2.50. What other way are you going to get an authentic, Starbucks mug from Moscow, Russia? :)

The raffle will be ending on June 12 and the item will be shipped to the winner at the end of the month when Tamara will be coming to the US for a visit. She has promised to include some literature written in Russian. You probably won't be able to read it, but at least when you drink your first cup of tea or coffee you can pull it out and read it and feel like you are in the Starbucks in Russia. Pretty cool, huh?

Buy Now using Revolution Money Exchange


MoscowMom said...

I hope this helps!!! I saw one go on ebay for $40 last week... May the cup hold many blessings for both the winner *and* your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was signing up for the Rev. $$ Xchange, but got to the page where they want my social security number- and I froze!!! I'm sure it's ok- but I've never heard of the Rev. $$ Xchange before....are you sure it's ok?? I'would like to help! And I would like to get the mug!! But....I guess I am just being cautious!!!

Christine said...

Hi Anon. RME is just like Paypal. It is legit. I also freaked when it asked for my social but they do that because they do not do a credit check or anything. I tried it and watched others try it before me before I felt comfortable putting it on my blog. It has been safe for me. But if you prefer you can email me for my address. Thanks ahead of time.


Annie said...

Well I'm trying to buy some tickets, Christine.... Right now it says they can't process we'll try again later! Cool idea!