Thursday, November 1, 2007

One little boy

Yes, we are adopting from Ukraine, but that wasn't how it started out. Let me share with you how it all began.

Our whole journey originally started because I got an email of this little boy from an adoption site. This little boy touched my heart, and as I learned more about his story, I shared with my husband. The agency he is with told me that he has caudal regression syndrome and sent pictures, some of them being of his legs. They wanted me to see his legs because after all, that is what would most likely make or break our decision in their mind.

Honestly, before I got the pictures but, after doing some research, I still had no clue what to expect. This little boy looked so sweet and innocent, I didn't even think it really mattered what the rest of his body looked like. His face to me is still angelic. To me, a child is a child, this little boy is just a little boy, and he deserves to be rocked and cuddled, and loved to feel special. This little boy needs a family to call his very own.

When I got the pictures later in the day, his short, malformed legs that were white and smooth and virgin never having touched the floor to crawl or scoot, were the most heart touching thing I have seen in a very long time. I cannot explain the feelings that stirred inside me when I looked at the pictures.

I learned that this little boy, Mikhail, also has a full grant to cover all of his international adoption fees. I have become friends with the family who has also been touched by this little boy but was unable to complete the adoption because they found out they were expecting.

As I inquired more about Mikhail, I finally asked if they would make sure that the region would be okay with our large family. Many regions in Russia don't want to work with families that have more than six children. I thought that since Mikhail had special needs and nobody else has been inquiring about him, we would be welcome with open arms.

Sadly, this is not the case. The facilitator said our family was too risky to work with because of our size. Needless to say, I still grieve for this little boy. I can't explain it, nor do I expect anyone to understand, but I just want him to be with a good family. My heart goes out to him.

In the region that he is in, there is a group that provides therapy for the children. The family providing the grant and I have tried to find out how we can get Mikhail these services. Recently, another family that traveled to the same region brought Mikhail the little red wheelchair he is sitting on in the picture.

Doesn't he look adorable?

If anyone is interested in adopting this little boy, I would be more than willing to share all the info that I have on him.

If anyone steps forward because Mikhail has touched their heart, my prayer will be answered.

God Bless.

To me, Mikhail is one amazing little boy, because though we cannot adopt him, he has opened our heart to adopt some other little boy that is just as deserving as him. I will be forever thankful for that.


Shelley said...

I saw your questions on my blog. Our little guy is still in a crib. He is currently wearing 18-24 month clothes....mostly 18 months. He weighed 16 pounds at his medical check-up to leave Ukraine and it was 4 days before his 4th birthday. He's a tiny little guy, for sure!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will be praying Od brings you the little boy that God has laid on your heart.

Annie Kitching said...

Oh, Christine - I read your post thinking that this was the little boy you were going to get....and he seemed so perfect - No wonder your heart went out to him - he looks so much like your bio-children.

Hard to believe that they would reject a family for this little guy out of hand, just because of size.

How I'd love to adopt him myself! However, I'm sure our age would be a factor with such a young child. I know he will find a family. I'll start working on it myself!


Tami said...

How heartbreaking! It's so amazing to me that the agency would refuse to help you bring this little guy home, just because of your family's size! Ufta! I am glad that you're continuing to pursue an international adoption despite the heartache. All of these children are such a blessing and deserve to have a home where they can grow, thrive and know what it is like to be loved.

Nataliya said...

Oh, what a beautiful boy! Unfortunately, people in former Soviet Union have a different mentality about big families - it's very rare when there are more than 2 siblings in a family. It's too bad! Hopefully when you go to Ukraine and show everybody the pictures of your beautiful family, they'll understand what a blessing it is!

Kathy said...

He's beautiful. How sad that they won't consider your family. I don't think size should ever be the most important consideration.