Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We have a a counter!

Awwe, I wanted to say we have lift off, but that wouldn't make much sense {LOL}, at least not until we leave for Ukraine.

Thanks Tami for the hot tip. ;)

Now that we know how long we have been waiting since we started this process I wonder how many days will have passed until we are back home with our new son?

Today, My own personal guess is 176 days. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but hey, it is just a guess.

What's yours?

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Tami said...

I would say 200 is doable, but you'll have to be really good at multi-tasking and staying on people to get their part done. We lost a lot of time with an inefficient homestudy cost us about a month. Add to that some inefficiencies on our part and you come up with 283 days, where we're at right now. Our counter is from the date we made the decision to adopt. We didn't actually send in our application to the agency for another month. You can do it! ;)