Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Questions about Adoption

1. What are you going to name your new son? We will probably keep his first name and change his middle to have family significance. This is what we have done with our daughters.

2. Will you be circumcising your son? No

3. Are you going to nurse him, Mom? No, but I would if I could.

4. How big will he be? He will probably be on the small side for his age which is fine because the best gifts often come in the smallest of packages.

5. What if he has special needs like your daughter? So what. Children with some sort of disability have less of a chance of being adopted.

6. When will you be traveling? Hopefully, springtime.


pearly1979 said...
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Sig said...

Have you seen Martian Child? If not, it is a good movie. The question of the SN reminded me of it.

Looking forward to seeing who your son is! How long do you have to stay in the Ukraine?


Kathy said...

Okay, I know this one is personal, but we are probably going to circumcize our son when he gets home. When we adopted our first boy from Haiti we were not going to. But he was five and after he'd been home a few months, we had infection problems and he had also noticed that he looked different from his brothers and that really bothered him. So we had it done. Doing it at 6 is way worse than as an infant but way easier than deciding to do it later. I asked him about it awhile ago--he's a teen now--and he says he's so glad he had it done but he doesn't even remember it even thouh he was six and it was sore and swollen for a week so obviously there is no lasting truama. I guess it's a decision each person has to make.

Christine said...


I just checked out your blog. What a beautiful girl you are adopting. :)

I have seen the Martian Child and wrote about it in my other blog.

We are probably going to make two trips to Ukraine.

Doug Simpkinson said...

I know John's brother Matt from high school, and John & I went to Cal at the same time. I just wanted to say hi and wish you good luck for your journey and the new addition to your family!

Best wishes!

Nancy said...

Christine--This is exciting that you are going to Ukraine! I have seen your other blog and the videos from your trips to Russia. Wishing you the best!

pearly1979 said...

I for one am glad to read that you are not circumsizing your new son. It is definitely a sensitive topic! I'm embarassed to admit it, but this past week it came up on Desperate Housewives. (Yes I watch Desperate Housewives.) I was glad to see Orson giving some valid reasons for not doing it! I hope his arguments continue to make it into the mainstream. I personaly feel it's a decision for each man to make, and not one for his parents to make being that it is some thing that can not be "undone". A man can not decide as an adult to just get his forskin back (though he can try and gain some of what he lost) but he can certainly decide he wants to be circumsized if it turns out he does! It's a choice I choose to give all my sons.

Christine said...


Shhh, I watch it too! Though I am glad that Orson made the comments that he did, I am bothered that the show sent the message that big decisions regarding a couples's child can be made in secret without the other parent knowing. This is sneaky and wrong and especially when the insinuated motive is because the child is adopted and Bree didn't feel that Orson was really the baby's father. I'm mixed on this episode.