Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Things to take as I think of them

Thinking ahead, I've already started to compile a list of things that we will be taking with us. A lot of it comes from Laurel and John's blog who are in Ukraine as we speak.

1. Laptop computer
2. Wet Wipes
3. Spatula
4. Snack, snacks, and more snacks
5 Zip Lock bags
6. Sharpie Markers
7. Balloons
8. Deck of Cards
9. Reading material
10. Disposable Bibs
11. Luggage Tags (maybe I can borrow Laurel's)
12. potato peeler
13. baby sling This one is my favorite.

If you can recommend anything that I am missing please let me know. Also, if you are getting ready to travel, what are your "must takes?"

Here are things that I have added thanks to contributors Nataliya, Kathy, Annie, Shelley, and Tami. Check out their blogs, as I have come to enjoy reading them very much.

14. grocery bags
15. international adaptors
16. small umbrella
17. photo album of family (I planned on that but forgot to add it to the original list)
18. tape measure
19. flash light
20. wash clothes
21. a roll of TP
22. Sink Stopper
23. DVD player
24. Convenience comfort food like brownie mix and hot chocolate


Sandi said...

Spatula and potato peeler?!?!? Whatever for?

Permission to Mother said...

Baby sling... that's a great one!

Christine said...

The spatula and potato peeler are for cooking. We plan on staying in an apartment, and a cheap one at that. I've heard that they don't have these luxuries.

pearly1979 said...
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Christine said...

Which one did you get? The padded, unpadded?

pearly1979 said...
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Permission to Mother said...

Sarah's post is great! I mostly used a non-padded ring sling.

I do not like the pouch. But its worth considering as Sarah suggests. I know a lot of other people do and is worth looking into. I have never used a Mei Tei. I wish I tried it. I used a padded sling, but I didn't care for the bulk and I did not feel like there was enough flexibility in length to accomodate my change in size through pregnancy, postpartum weight loss, and next pregnancy..., I've tried various department store carriers. Those carriers discouraged me and looking back I felt like I lost time "wearing my baby." If I had another baby to start over with, I would have a non-padded ring sling, my wrap, and a mei tei from the start.


Nataliya said...

We haven't traveled yet, but I'm going to take the following items (on the advice from other adoptive parents):

- International adapters (to plug in your laptop, phone, etc.)
- Grocery bags
- Small umbrella
- Flash light
- Pen and paper
- Photoalbum with your family pictures
- Tape measure

Christine said...

Thanks Nataliya! I'm going to add these things to my list.

Sarah and Denise, you make me want to get a new sling. Here we are adopting a little boy, and the one I have is purple. I know that's a stupid, material reason, totally out of my character to even care about, but it's strange how I feel like this little boy deserves it. I know my old one will suffice as will all of my hugs and kisses that I will snuggle him with instead.

Permission to Mother said...

I always picked sling fabrics to match my mood and clothes. If you pick one out that you feel will fit your baby's male character, you may end up using your purple sling anyway. I used a sling all the time. I liked the variety of having more than one.

PS- I responded privately to you, only to tell you that I put more "answers" to your questions on my blog. I have a feeling my response went to a spam filter.

Kathy said...

We make sure to take plastic pants for over the diapers because they can have blow outs that exceed even the best disposable diapers. Also, since electricity is the same in Haiti we take a hot pot and packs of ramen noodles. We take a small bottle of concentrated laundry detergent, a clothes line and pins for the bathroom.

Annie Kitching said...

To Russia I always take a couple of washclothes so I can carry a damp cloth with me at all times in one of the ziplock bags. If Ukraine is like Russia, remember the tissue paper for public restrooms!

You're a clever girl to master a baby sling. I think I have the physical version of dyslexia. I always was ramming my babies into doors, cabinets, etc. Had to give up on it to save their lives.

Tami said...

I would add DVDs to the list. When we adopted Punky and JacJac we were in the country for three weeks with no Enligh TV and the limited amount of books we brought with us, we went through in about a week.
Also...Peanut Butter. You can't find it there - and it's a great comfort food (if you aren't allergic!) In fact, just about any time of easy to carry comfort food would be good. We're thinking about mac 'n cheese, brownie mix and hot chocolate mix just to name a few.

adoptedthree said...

Travel pillow!!!! Has many uses we never have adopted without one and it was our luxury item. You can get them for 2.50 at walmart (they are white and blue striped) great for your personal use and to lay a weary child's head on while traveling in a car.

Bath towel- old one that you dont mind leaving behind but can have dual purposes for personal use and to even use a blanket to cover your newest addition.

Leave the spatula / potato peeler and brownie mix (or other cooking mixes)at home- the kitchens do have similiar items to cook with and you can buy plenty of foods there.

Bring pepto bismol caplets twice per day keeps those travel bugs away!

I would bring a small role of duct tape- universal uses

Sharpie markers?? Never needed one while in country.

Svetik said...

If baby still on fomula, bring some with you, so that way u can change wile you there. I think is still rule, that you can't bring food over to US. Also if you have space in your sutcase you can bring dipers. I did when i went to visit my family for 3 weeks when my kids were little.