Sunday, December 9, 2007

I don't want to be a slave

Have any of you been following Tami's blog? I am totally in awe of what they are choosing to do, and I believe that God will bless them because of their decision. Her comment, "The real challenge of international adoption is avoiding becoming a slave to your circumstances," hit me hard. Isn't this so true? Here they choose to go see a three year old little girl, that they later find out she just had surgery so they won't be able to visit her for at least a week. They get to go back to the SDA which is no small feat in itself, and can easily choose to go visit another child and keep on with the process, but instead they decide to put things on hold while this little girl heals so that they can still go meet her instead.

How many of us would have chosen to go meet another child because it would have been quicker and just plain easier to do? I think that I might have, if I am honest with myself. Yet, that would have made me a slave to the whole process rather than taking the time to do what I felt my heart was telling me. I would have convinced myself that this was God's plan for us to choose another child or else this little girl would have been available for us to see. I would have convinced myself that it was in every one's best interest including my children at home, for us to take the quickest route possible, when in fact I may have been altering God's plan.

So thank you Tami, for giving me much to think about as we continue our adoption journey.


Troy and Rachel said...

I have been following Tami's blog and I agree with you. I think it's wonderful that they chose to wait for the little girl who feels right for them.

Glad to hear your document collection is going well!!

Heather said...

Christine, I was wondering if you would email some information about the adoption agencies you have dealt with. We are considering adoption, but funds would be a huge issue for us. My email is