Thursday, December 13, 2007

USCIS responded


Thank you for your inquiry. We received your application. We are currently experiencing delays regarding orphan petitions. However, we will process your case as soon as possible.


Stephen D. Hull
District Adjudication Officer

Ugh. Just what I was afraid of. :(
I've just eaten my fourth Oreo.


Annie said...

In Michigan these are taking a VERY long time now; it is still soundiNg like a short wait to me.

Kristen said...

Ugh! I'm sorry Christine. Sounds like it's tough adopting all over! We'll keep praying for you. I'm just trying not to think about our little #4 wherever she is. Except that I do pray for her every morning!

Chris and Virginia said...

As you may well know, we didn't have time to play this game with USCIS. We were trying to beat the SDA deadline.
I went to the Congressman's office on a Friday to fill out some release paperwork. On Monday morning, I spoke with the immigration liaison and that afternoon I received a call from USCIS to pick up my 171H. If this is your last piece of paperwork for your dossier, I wouldn't wait on USCIS. Contact your local Congressman's office and get this ball rolling.

Good Luck.

Sira said...

I am so sorry this is happening- I am praying things start moving for you

Connie said...

How about send him back a beautiful Christmas card:

Thank you. We received your response. We are currently experiencing extreme angst and yearning due to the delays regarding orphan petitions. However, we will continue to pray that you will process our case as soon as possible.

The Reed Family
Happy Holidays

Sometimes getting your name 'known', in a positive light, makes positive things happen. ;-)

We'll keep praying that things speed up and go through for you.

adoptedthree said...

My solution twice was to get my Senator's office involved- worked like a charm and I usually had my approval within a week!!!!

Tammie & Craig said...

Hey Christine,
I'm so glad you visited our blog......we had actually thought of Ukraine very early on before Guatemala then Uzbek.........Hostage to your mailbox.......I can relate! It took us 4 months to get I171h. And whenever i inquired about it I never even got a response.......i look forward to following your journey!