Saturday, April 26, 2008

100th Post and I've been Tagged!

What do you know, this blog has reached it's 100th post! How cool! I should have baked a cake or something for dessert to celebrate. Ahhh, maybe when I make my 200th post, I 'll throw a party or something. By that time I hope Dennis will be home and then we'll really have something to celebrate.

I'm sure that Joy knew this was my 100th post :) because she tagged me. So here are 6 unusual things about me.

1. I sometimes pretend to be a bus driver when I am driving my 15 passenger van. It is a job I think that I would really enjoy.

2. I dance and sing around my kids all the time. And my songs make no sense. Neither do my dances.

3. I am spoiled by my daughter Sveta. Almost every night, she brushes my hair. As long as I continue to make oooh and ahh sounds to show her how nice it feels when she brushes my hair she will continue to do it until she tells me that her arm is tired. "Mom, I stop brushing your hair now because my arms is tired. Tomorrow I will come and do it again okay?" "Okay, Sveta. Thank you so much. You almost make me want to fall asleep now." "I know Mama, I brush your hair so good."

4. To pass the time when I am in the waiting room at Caleb's orthodontist appointment, I clean my purse out. I pile everything in the chair next to me and sort through my receipts. I always manage to entertain at least a couple of people.

5. I still wear a night gown that I got at my bridal shower over 14 years ago. It isn't even my size, and I don't even really like it very much, but I am too cheap to replace it. I just don't buy things for myself very much. The reason it isn't my size is because the person who bought it for me thought I was still very heavy. She had also gotten me the biggest grandma underwear you have ever seen, but I got rid of those when I could no longer have children. The underwear were quite embarrassing but they made great maternity panties. Little did she know that I went through a crazy partying stage of my life and dropped 50 pounds. I think the nightgown is an extra large and I wear a medium.

6. If I told you about my life 15 years ago, you probably wouldn't believe me. Heck, even I have a hard time believing that I was who I was back then prior to having God in my life.

I tag anybody who wants to play this game. :)


Chelley said...

THat nightgown sounds like it would be walking to bed by its self!!!

Joy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Who do you think you are kidding you are going to be so busy when you hit 200 because Dennis will be here and need a lot of your attention.

Gerard's mother only buys me things that are either 2x or 3x. I actucally wear a XL but she just can not resist.

Mary & Michael said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Good luck with the paper chase. It is definitely not fun and doesn't make sense to me either, especially when the information has not changed but it has to be done. Hope you get to bring Dennis home soon.

crispy said...

Loved the list. The night gown cracks me up.

crispy said...

Oh...I forgot. I want to hear about your life 15 years ago. Share it for us.

And I can just imagine the cleaning out of the purse in the waiting room.

Rachel said...

That little note about Sveta brushing your hair brought tears to my sweet!

"She had also gotten me the biggest grandma underwear you have ever seen"...funny!

Annie said...

Didn't you play this before on your other blog? I seem to remember it...but find that you really revealed some INTERESTING things this time! Honestly; I figured you always wore a really pretty nightgown. (Unlike me, who wears the one that is SO old it has holes.)

Just saw Denis' photo on your friend's blog. When I realize that these injuries were caused by his MOTHER, it rips my heart out. I can feel how driven you must feel to, as much as possible, "un-do" it all by providing a mother's love. You will be such a blessing to that little guy.

adoptedthree said...

I have jammies like that they are at least 10 years old and I wear them all of the time. Probably the ugliest, holiest things in the house, but they are comfy!!!

Salzwedel Family said...

The jammies & underwear are too funny! I don't spend money on myself either - us moms just make due with what we have!