Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wow- two posts in one day! I just wanted to post some of my favorite videos about adoption and street children. I can't imagine not having your heart stirred after watching them. My own heart breaks for these children each and every time I watch these videos. Keep them all in your prayers.








Please leave a comment to share which video touched you most, if any at all.


Jeri said...

Hi Christine, I've changed my blog about our little Sumyite so he can't read about himself.

Just switched the order of the words. If you could change your link as well, I'd appreciate it.

Irina said...

Video for a heart...

Anonymous said...

I cried watching these.. and I am going to do what I can to help these children.

Our family said...
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Our family said...

What a terrible situation for these kids. Nastia's life is changing though and that was a miracle.
Sad lives. No a bit of joy when they had barely started to live. Our hearts are in pain for them.

Thank you for sharing these videos.

adoptedthree said...

The street kids always break my heart especially. When I was in UA last there were little boys that would come out of the sewer near a McDonalds that I frequented (hey I was alone and it seemed familiar ya know :)

They were always sniffing glue and they broke my heart. I always thought that could have been the fate of my son's. Especially my son that has the learning disability. That was his future after the internat. Drugs or prison most likely... sad