Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friends and Family

When John and I announced that we were adopting again, we knew that we wouldn't get as much enthusiasm from friends and family than if we were announcing our first child. Sad, but true...... the novelty wears off for most people after the first couple of kids and the news of an 11th child can certainly catch anyone off guard. John and I expected that, and so we were pleasantly surprised when friends and family expressed their support or at least refrained from saying anything negative.

I bring this up because I know that other people have dealt with the same issues with their family and friends. It can be very tough to get out your initial adoption news. Figuring out how you are going to tell people and how you are going to respond to their negative comments can be more stressful than the adoption itself. I know......I've been there.

But, I wanted to encourage you that your loved ones can and may just surprise you. I know my Mom did. Bless her heart. Of all people, I thought that she would have the hardest time with our decision to adopt another child, and yet she has ceased to amaze me with her genuine concern for how things are going. A week doesn't go by without her asking how things are going and if we are any closer to traveling. And to top it all off, my mom goes and does something absolutely crazy yet wonderful and selfless. She gave us a big donation to help us bring home Dennis.

Thank you Mom, from the bottom of my heart. Your act of giving us money to help cover the adoption expenses means so much to me. Not because of the money, but more because of what the money represents. To me, the money is a tangible representation of your support for us and our family. To me, it shows that you are investing in your future grandchild, my son, even before you have met him. To me, it means that you are willing to do without something so that one of God's children can have. That is so powerful Mom, and I appreciate it so much. It means so much to me to know that you fully support what I am doing. Now as a grown woman, it has also helped me to recognize the love you had for me even when you let me know that you didn't fully support what I was doing (when I was younger).

The support that we have received ever since we committed to adopt Dennis has confirmed over and over that this is God's plan for our family. Friends and Family please feel our deepest gratitude for all of your prayers, donations, and encouraging words.

Also, thank you to a certain blog friend who sent us the nicest card. Inside was a very gracious donation. You are so right---- the Lord provides. Hopefully, we will be able to show our support for the two of you someday soon in your own adoption journey.


Kathy said...

My mom has been supportive too. Other people are like, "Don't you have enough already?"

Greg said...

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Debbie said...

Christine, I'm so excited to see how God is providing for you and John to bring Dennis home, and that He's also working in the hearts of your family and friends to welcome him. What a precious thing for your mom to contribute to bringing home her new grandson! I KNOW that your FundTracker will continue to go up because God will provide. He is so gracious to us, His children, and those He wants to place into our families!

Brandi said...

How sweet! That's so encouraging and exciting, I know! I just found out this weekend that a good friend of mine is adopting from the Ukraine! She is so excited for me to send her your blog. She'd love to read and also email back and forth with you.

You can email me at


Nataliya said...

Oh how lucky you are to have such an understanding and supportive Mom! I can certainly understand when sometimes family and friends are not exactly supportive. My family was very supportive, but I have a very small family. Some of my friends on the other hand were not exactly thrilled. They were not negative, just didn't care.

MMrussianadoption said...

how wonderful to hear you were surprised by their happiness for you. I cant wait for you to bring him home.

Mary & Michael said...

I am so glad you have such great support. I really hope you get to bring your little boy home soon.

Ashley said...

What a great mom and how awesome someone from blogland donated, too! God uses many people and I am glad He is using people in your life to give financially. I understand how you may think people won't be as excited about an 11th child. I get that now and I only have 2 children. Poeple in my family say, "Don't you have enough to handle already with the two boys you have?" I am the one raising them so not sure why it is a problem for other people. Praise God your family is supportive. I know that helps a lot.

adoptedthree said...

And as you know we are thinking about number four. You should be my inspiration!

I am not thrilled to tell my dad. He frowned upon us adopting a SN child last time. But like I told him he can advise but not live my life and I thanked him and said we are adults and doing what we feel is best for our family.

He is now smitten by Oksana of course :)

After four or five who is counting anyway :)