Thursday, June 5, 2008

Only 17 days to go

Okay guys, I can finally breathe. The shock has worn off. We are going to Ukraine in less than 17 days and that is that. I will book our tickets tomorrow, have put in a request for brand new money through our bank, and have lined up childcare for all 10 kids. My awesome and dear friend is going to move into our home with her three kids while we are gone. Hopefully her husband will too. My nesting is in full force, and before I know it I will be changing diapers again. Life is good.

Thanks to all that have bought raffle tickets thus far. 28 are going into a hat so far. Pretty amazing, huh? I am so thankful for all of your generosity and support. I wish all of you could win! The only thing I could think of would be to break the mug and send each of you that bought a ticket a piece of the mug. Hee, hee. Aren't I funny?

Don't worry, I'm sure the mug is coming in one piece.

The raffle is going on until June 12, so if you are thinking of getting a raffle ticket it is not too late.
And for all of you RMEr's, thanks for signing up. Seven of you guys did! I have also noticed some are having trouble with RME and I wanted to suggest signing up first and then trying to use the account. It might make things easier.


Chelley said...

Have you had anyone sign up that isnt American? I have tried 3 times and I cant get past the addy details ???

I would like to send a little money

schoolmother said...

This is so very exciting. It gives me such hope for the whole adoption situation there in Ukraine since I'm heading there again myself sometime.

crispy said...

I have emailed you for your address so I can send you some money for the tickets. Can you send it my way? Just "leave a comment" with your email or your address and I won't post it. I want to be part of your adventure.


Rachel said...

I am so excited for you!!!


BoufMom9 said...

I just can't wait for him to really be here!

Svetik said...

HI, Christine
Here is link to limonade fundraser. They send everything for free if you sighn up before this Sunday. I am pretty sure your kids will love to do that :-)
I am so exsited for you. You finally get to see your little one.

Svetik said...

I forgot to put the link